What about experimental web-design and contemporary web-art? How can we develop an awareness of trending esthetic, programming languages and digital innovations? And what kind of theory is helpful, if any, to push the envelope? The computing and programming lounge is a common space to improve skills, to discuss and practice the possibilities of various programming environments, to create new narratives and aesthetics regardless of given understanding of web.

A lot of experiments here were made with an awesome tool called cables.
— Participants [members*]:
Julia C. Ahrend, Juan Blanco*, Joscha Brüning*, Mateusz Dworczyk*, Christin Großmann, Miriam Hartung*, Anja Lindner, Paul Kersig, Ramona Kortyka*, Hanna Mohr, Paula Restrepo, Katharina Schluck, Lisa Semrau, Ozan Türkyilmaz, Benjamin Unterluggauer,